The Importance of Mission Trips

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Throughout the world, missions are taking place, changing lives forever and for the better. As people serve in various places of the world, they can learn a lot, not only about themselves but also about how one person can truly make a difference in another person’s life. There are many groups and organizations out there that travel together and share their stories with the world. All God’s Children is a group that travels to various third-world countries to help children in orphanages. They stay with the children in, generally, worn-down buildings or huts, with no indoor pluming or running water. Sharing how their experiences have impacted their lives, express the hardships of the children and suffering they go through, and sharing the Word of the gospel are only a few of the things most organizations do among many others such as branching out into local communities.

Inspirational speaker, Steve Maraboli states, “You were not made for a mundane or mediocre life.” This applies to doing mission trips and helping others around the world. Breaking out of your comfort zone and being involved in a life changing experience, will not only be a positive change in you, the missionary’s life, but the people you are serving and in need as well. Hearing stories of others and how their lives have been impacted gives a new outlook on life and can inspire others to go out and make a difference. All over the world there are opportunities to help others that are ‘field specific’ to what you are best at. Even in your local communities, you have the opportunities to help those around you. Joining local clubs or even creating your own will help others come out and join to make a difference.

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Missions don’t always have to be served worldwide. Serving in local communities can make a big impact in lives just like traveling can. There are homes in every local community that could use a new roof or a deck that would serve as doing missions and it’s not far from home. Joining with Red Cross and volunteering with disasters or in orphanages are types of volunteer work out there. Smaller ways could be starting a club at school to help those in need in the community, volunteering at a hospital, or even being babysitting instructor. This site helped me in knowing that you don’t have to travel and gave me the information to know what you can do in your local community.

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In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how lauren's life was impacted by the missionary who told the story about a boy named moses who lived in the orphanage in ethiopia.
  • Explains that the website, all god's children, contains seventeen stories from missionaries that traveled to orphanages and spent time with the children.
  • Explains that missions don't always have to be served worldwide. serving in local communities can make a big impact in lives just like traveling can.
  • Explains that missions are taking place around the world, changing lives forever and for the better. many groups and organizations travel to third-world countries to help children in orphanages.
  • Explains that children in ethiopia endure hardship everyday as a part of life. providing the gospel will help them grow up to be loving, caring, and well-mannered adults who can, one day, share their story and the word of christ.
  • Explains that solid rock international shows the types of missions people can get involved in in the dominican republic.
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