The Importance of Literacy in the World

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In the world america ranks as number 22 in literacy( According to ( literacy is the ability to read and write. While most of the people in america are literate they vary according to how literate they are. What is elementary to us may be surprisingly difficult to someone else. In America although the literacy rate is 99%( 3,109,120 people in America or 1% of the population is unable to read and write. Texas itself has 3 out of 5 of the least literate cities in America! No wonder people think being from texas makes you stupid. ( Out of 75 cities Corpus ranks number 74 in literacy. That means that we are next to last not second place. According to Wall Street Corpus is almost the most illiterate in America.
With statistics like these it makes me wonder what is there that can be done and I found the literary council in Corpus Christi, Texas. “The mission of the Corpus Christi Literacy Council is to identify, develop, promote and coordinate comprehensive programs and resources that will measurably reduce functional illiteracy in the Corpus Christi Bay Area.”(
Their goals are to advocate the importance of literacy, start and keep a program to continue fighting illiteracy, develop a service to continue providing services in the community, stat and keep an independent branch to research and secure funding. These goals are there to help people and to keep the program alive. When i was there they had several thngs going. They had a volunteer group from TAMU do a techin...

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...out accomplishments for a reason.
Another program that the CCLiteracy Council has is ESL. English as a second language. I myself am an ESL person. I spoke spanish before english. The main problem was my assumption that all the individuals in the class were Mexicans. When i think of ESL i do not think of people from Arabia, India or France and Japan. Dr. Gleason actually surprised me when she told me they serviced more than just Spanish speakers. They actually knock 2 birds with 1 stone in their ESL classes. They have their English classes on a computer. With this they are actually helping them with multiple things. It teaches the students English literacy. Without literacy these individual would have even less social justice than illiterate americans. The reason is due to no cmmunication. In america we speak English so it is expected for immigrant to speak english.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that while most americans are literate, what is elementary to them may be surprisingly difficult to someone else.
  • Describes the corpus christi literacy council's mission to reduce functional illiteracy in the bay area.
  • Describes how the program advocates literacy, develops a service to continue providing services in the community, and maintains an independent branch to research and secure funding.
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