The Importance of Knowledge Claims

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The first question that needs to be is asked to complete this analysis is: How are knowledge claims created? A knowledge claim is a judgment of something we believe to be true with or without sufficient evidence. Knowledge claims are what we create as a means to justify and/or rationalize our beliefs and thoughts. Knowledge claims are created in an attempt to define and categorize those thoughts. One way knowledge claims are created is through the personal convictions reinforced by others. We live in a culture where we are dependent upon others to reassure us in our beliefs, and in doing so this allows us to form our own idea of what the truth is. For example, I have created knowledge claims based on the influence of others. When I once visited the zoo at the age of 8, I was convinced that elephants and hippos were the same type of animal. When I spoke of my belief to one of my fellow classmates, she assured me that what I was believing was true. Therefore, I created a knowledge claim that elephants and hippos were the same animal based on the reassurance provided to me by someone else. Despite knowing that this knowledge claim is now false, I created that knowledge claim based on the similar belief of others. I felt confident in my “belief” due to the fact that someone else had a similar belief that I did, thus allowing me to feel confident in what I thought to be true, therefore leading to the creation of my knowledge claim. In the scientific community, if a hypothesis has been proven and is widely recognized and is supported by the other logic of scientists without actually doing their own research of experiment, then what has been proven true, they believe to be true. When I also claim to know something, I am able to reach ...

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... a hole of doubt, therefore decreasing the reliability held within whichever knowledge claim I am trying to prove to be correct. Within our society, there have been occasional instances where doubt has been heightened during the journey to prove a knowledge claim correct. The process of a skeptic works only to illuminate the weaknesses in our knowledge claims and in doing this will prove or disprove the claim itself. There have been many examples of skepticism within the fields of science that have led to doubt such as the ability for other planets to sustain life and skepticism within history can be seen in the simple idea of whether or not certain events even took place in the past. The further we dig, the more we discover that contradicts and weakens what we believe. Overall, skepticism is a pathway that leads to a more accurate knowledge claim and a better truth.
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