The Importance of Information and Communication Technology in the Education Process of Young People Today

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Education and technology have been integrated over the past years. There are many reasons for educators to introduce the technology in learning process, which is the new generation of students has been surrounded by various technologies. Prensky (2005) claims that young people are completely absorbed and mastered in digital technology such as computers, video games and the internet. Notably, information and communication technologies (ICTs) play important roles in educating young students. There are many technological methods, for example, blogs, instant messengers podcasts and vodcasts that allow learners to collaborate, negotiate, contribute and create knowledge (Asmus et al. 2005). It is undoubted that the ICTs have many advantages in which this paper will present some benefits of using the ICTs in education process for young people. In specific, the focus will be on the usage of data bases, and the encouragement of independent learning and collaborative learning. Nowadays, the ICTs play an effective role in using databases easily and efficiently and this might develop learning in universities. During the past decade, the range of the information has been grown and some of them has been digitized and held in libraries' websites. Adelaide University library's databases on the library's website are great examples of the technological information. According to Adelaide University (2010) these databases include various electronic data that are approximately 25 million articles and journals in different subjects. This system of data allows the learners to research in limited periods of time in this great deal of information, and this is will save a lot of time and effort for researchers, which ma... ... middle of paper ... ...many facilities and services for us and give us many benefits. Works Cited Adelaide University, 2010, The University of Adelaide Library, In University of Adelaide Library, viewed 9 May 2010, . Attewell, J. 2005, Mobile technologies and learning, Learning and skills development agency,UK. Ausms, J., Bonner, C., Estehay, D., Lechner, A., & Rentfrow, C. 2005. Instructional Design Technology Trend Analysis, Retrieved April 20, 2009, from .pdf. Gray, J. 2006, Notes on Data Base Operating System, IBM Research Laboratory, San Jose, California, USA. Prensky, M. 2005, Listen to the native, Educational Leadership, 63, 4, 8-13. Prensky, M. 2004, What Can You Learn from a Cell Phone? – Almost Anything, Viewed 29 November 2004,<>

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