The Importance of Induction and Coaching in Business

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Induction and coaching are important tools to create successful employees and a successful business. As an aspiring team leader it is necessary to understand these processes and procedures and be able to develop staff with the goal of efficiency, safety and profit. To understand induction I will look at the benefits to new employees and Romec, whilst investigating the current induction process within the company. When in a leadership position it is necessary to coach others in order to aid their development, to gain a better understanding of coaching I will research techniques and prepare a plan for a colleague who has highlighted an area in their work life they require improving.

Understanding How to Integrate New Members in a Team
Induction of new employees is a process of welcoming and preparing staff for their position within the company. A procedure may include the following; a welcome to the company, employment terms and conditions (pay, starting/finishing times etc), Company policies (Health and safety), Company structures, Company procedures (sick, disciplinary etc) and Company/employee goals.
The benefits of having a good process of induction in place are valuable to both the employee and employer. The Benefits to the employee and employer can be
1.1 The Employee can quickly integrate into their new role, feeling welcome and settled having a positive effect on anxiety. If the employee has gone though a process that has explained their roles responsibilities well, then the employee will feel more confident and understand what is expected of them. Making them more likely to be motivated and succeed.
1.2 New employee is quicker to be effective within their position. If they have had work procedures explained, ...

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...aults attended, this is due to you pro-active nature and good cooperation with team members, well done”.
3.3 Company messages or valves can be backed up with examples of good behaviours or poor behaviours i.e. a At Romec 4 values that should be followed are Integrity, teamwork, excellence and respect, these can be re-enforce with positive feedback or highlighted to challenged poor behaviours when giving feedback.

From researching the benefits of Induction and coaching and also looking into techniques and procedures, I recognise that the achievements of businesses can be greatly advanced. As an aspiring team leader I believe I now understand the process’s and benefits of induction and coaching, which will allow me to develop team members, with the aim of instilling Romec’s core values, making the teams I lead safer, more efficient, and more profitable.
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