The Importance of IT

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The Importance of IT Works Cited Not Included IT is essential for any organization’s survival let alone thriving in today’s cut throat and highly competitive business environment. The rapid pace of change in today’s business environment has made information systems and information technology vital components that help keep an enterprise on target to meet its business goals. Information Technology has reshaped the basics of business. Customer service, operations, product and marketing strategies, and distribution are heavily, or sometimes entirely, dependent on IT. The computers that support these functions can be found on the desk, on the shop floor, in the store, even in the briefcases. Needless to say, nowadays IT and its expense has become an every day part of business life-a rather indispensable ingredient in several strategic thrusts that businesses have initiated to meet the challenge of change. The impact of advanced technology coupled with fierce competitive forces on the American corporate culture is no secret. These two factors have completely revolutionized organizational set-ups across the American corporate landscape. In the discussion that follows a humble attempt has been made to scan the impact caused by IT and ruthless foreign competition over the American organizational structures and culture, customers and workforce. (The Impact of IT on Organizational Transformations, 1995) Role of Information Technology: To discuss the role of IT... ... middle of paper ... ...y short of their expectations. This is largely because of the multitude of options that are there at his disposal (The Impact of IT on organizations, 2002). Now a relevant question that arises at this point is that whether the new organizational structure that has been shaped by the collective forces of technology and ever increasing competition would be able to meet the new challenges posed by the contemporary world or not. This is something which only time could tell. There is certainly no doubt about the capacity and potential of the modern organizational culture to meet the modern demands and live up to the expectations of the customers, employees and all stake holders. But whether they will be able to translate their potential into ground realities is something the entire American society needs to look forward to.
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