The Importance of Human Rights Education

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In developing countries, communication can be used as a vehicle for promoting justice and human rights. In today’s pluralistic society, development is very important for countries to be able to vie at an international level. To accurately comprehend and appreciate human rights, the importance between Human Rights Education (HRE) and the aim of achieving human development has to be recognized. “Education is the most effective tool for empowerment and human development,” (Verma 2002) hence HRE has a vital role in the preservation of human rights and in supporting human development. This is an analysis of the policy and institutional framework of Zimbabwe’s race to achieve universal primary education, how education will continue the progression of development and human rights, and how media and communication plays a critical role in its outcome. Africa is the world's second largest and second most populated continent. However, it remains the world's poorest and most underdeveloped continent. It is a continent perforated with corrupt governments that have often committed severe human rights violations, diseases, high levels of illiteracy, lack of access to foreign capital, and frequent tribal and military conflict. In the midst of this sadness, there is hope for Africa’s immeasurable stories to be communicated to the rest of the world. Africa will only begin to “rise from the ashes” when awareness is made and communicated through the media. The Republic of Zimbabwe is located in southern Africa, between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers. The capital is Harare. It is bordered by South Africa to the south, Botswana to the southwest, Zambia to the northwest and Mozambique to the east. Zimbabwe has a rich history, not only of attainment, i... ... middle of paper ... ... 2014. Liddle, R. “Restoring Civic Values: Approaches for Empowering Humanity through Values Awareness and Introspection.” World Civic Forum. 2009. Web. 11 May 2014. Rights Sites News. “Promoting Human Rights Education in the Classroom.” A Publication of the Advocates for Human Rights 5.3 (2009). Web. 11 May 2014. Shiza, Edward. Restoring The Educational Dream: Rethinking Educational Transformation in Zimbabwe. South Africa: Africa Institute of South Africa, 2013. Print. “The Importance of Human Rights Education in Africa Today.” Human Relief Organization. Web. 14 May 2014. Tibbits, Felisa. “Understanding What We Do: Emerging Models for Human Rights Education.” International Review of Education 48.3/4 (2002). Print. Verma, J.S. “Human Rights Redefined: The New Universe of Human Rights.” Journal of the National Human Rights Commission 1 (2002). Web. 11 May 2014.
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