The Importance of Freedom of Choice

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Less than one hundred years ago, several million innocent Europeans lost their lives in gas chambers and by other – and usually more violent – means. In Africa, genocide continues to plague the continent. Every single day, parents use violence against their innocent children. These and countless other heinous acts have plagued Earth since the very beginning of human existence. The horrors of the world cause people to question the existence of any sort of God. One religious skeptic may ask, “How can evil exist if there is a God?” It seems doubtless that an ultimate good – such as God – can exist in an atmosphere filled with murder, abuse, violence, and rage. Evil, however, is the consequence of the freedom that God granted man. The horrors that occur around us occur because God allows us to make our own choices.

Professor Louis Levy in the film Crimes and Misdemeanors demonstrates man’s ability to choose. Man can go so far as to choose whether or not he even wants to live. Professor Levy ultimately ends up committing suicide. Cliff, one of the protagonists, says of Levy, “He always was affirmative. He always said ‘yes’ to life, ‘yes,’ ‘yes.’ Now today he said, ‘No.’” This demonstrates that Levy did not always have to say yes. He had simply always chosen to be affirmative and continue living. After a turn of events, however, Levy decided that he no longer wanted to live and he decided to excuse himself from having to wake up every day. In the same manner that a man can choose death over life, he can choose evil over good. A man may spend his whole life choosing the right thing, but that does not mean that he cannot eventually chose to do something wrong. A man’s choices and decisions are not predetermined or set in ston...

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... Episcopal Cathedral, have an important place in my life and how I make my choices. I would never dream of taking another’s life or imposing violence on a fellow human being. Choosing to love God and accept his ways shows an admirable judgment of choice. Likewise, not necessarily believing in God but acting kindly towards humanity also demonstrates tremendous judgment. Although I could choose to commit evil deeds at any time, I know that I will avoid doing so at all costs because I value human life – my own life, the lives of those around me, and the lives of all the other men and women I share this globe with. While evil seems like an expensive cost to come with freedom, I believe that not having any freedom would be much more costly. I see that humans should be grateful that our world can host evil, for evil is a sign of one of God’s most grand gifts: free will.
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