The Importance of Firewall for Internet Sercurity

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Oxford dictionary give meaning about firewall is a part of a computer system that prevents people from getting information without permission, but still allows them to receive information that is sent to them. The word of firewall also been used by Lightoler (1764) is to describe walls which separated the parts of a building, saving both lives and property. In late 1980s, network securities of firewall were been used to distinct networks from others. Firewall also can be defined like a system or group of systems have two networks over an access control policy.
Nowadays, internet security has been a major consideration when someone builds an organization. This is because, by using firewall. It can protect and shield the secret data and file s of an organization. The firewall is very important because it can reduce maximum risks of confidential information. It also can maintain the data and file. In the past, the organization does not really know the existence of the firewall. They also not concerned about the important of the firewall. This is because it is not influx with many users as nowadays.
Hardware and software are combined to get the firewall. The access control policies, enforces corporate security and others are the effective firewall that are been created on the markets. The firewall gives the benefits to any organization that use and has it in their systems. The benefits that they get are security and auditing. Firewall is being choosing by the organization because it has the high security that can save all the data and files. If the firewall is not being use by the organization, it can expose the system that created to the intruders like hackers and spies.
The demand of the firewall is very high for...

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...that permits traffic and one that exists to block traffic. Whether a company wishes to place more emphasis on permitting or blocking traffic is up to the individuals who set the security policies for that company. A company should not leave this to the discretion of the service or product that will supply the security because only the company knows what kind of protection it needs. If a company is unsure about what kind of protection is necessary, there are numerous vendors that will help set up a secure network (see Chapter 4).
Firewalls are designed to protect your network from attacks originating from another network. An effective firewall will allow authorized access only to the protected network and deny access to those who don't have it. Some firewalls permit only e-mail traffic through them, thereby protecting the network against any
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