The Importance of Feedback in Sporting Games

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The Importance of Feedback in Sporting Games

When we play sporting games feedback is very important it can

encourage people to do better, or it can help people to understand

what it is they are doing wrong and, how they can put it right.

The different types of feedback are:

Video recordings

Coach’s view

Teammates view

Opposition view

Family and friends view

Spectators view

Your own view

2. Input


In this stage I would use my visual sense so this would be what I can

see. So an example of this in football would be where the defenders

are and were the goalkeeper is positioned. I would also use my

auditory sense. This is what I can hear so if I can hear anyone

running behind me or if one of my teammates is shouting man on or if

he’s telling me I am in an offside position. My last sense I would use

would be my kinaesthetic sense. This is what I can feel so if I can

feel my man marker and which way he will move. If I don’t do this

correctly when or if I get the ball a defender will come in and take

the ball away from me as I didn’t expect him to be there as I dint use

on of the above senses.



I will have to use all the information above to make my decision .If

the ball was crossed in and no one was marking me and the goalkeeper

was positioned in the middle of his goal. The decision I would make

would be to header at goal, rather than head it back to one of my

teammates, as I am un marked and this is a goal scoring opportunity. I

would header it into one of the corners because I have used my visual

sense and I know the goalkeeper is in the middle of his goal so I want

to header it away from him.


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