The Importance of Diversity Training in a Gropu or Organization

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Diversity is "the state of having people who are different races or who have different cultures in a group or organization" according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary. (Merriam Webster Dictionary)
While Neault & Mondair (2011) defines Diversity "as a term that is used widely, but often without a shared understanding” (para.3), which relates to the way people, identify themselves as well as others within the workplace. It includes visible differences such as: ethnicity, gender, age, disability, and national origin. Managers and employees must learn to value the different cultures that are within the workplace because everyone is equal and should be treated accordingly whether it is the workplace or home (Neault & Mondair, 2011).
According to Wolfson, Kraiger, & Finkelstien (2011), there has been several studies that White workers has a better work attitude than African American and Hispanic workers when it comes to organizational commitment, job satisfaction, and employee engagement. Wolfson et al. (2011) suggested “because of their race, ethnic minorities do not feel appreciated, then these feelings will negatively influence their job involvement, job satisfaction, and career satisfaction” (para.13). Diversity not only involves how people perceive themselves but also how people perceive others. Those perceptions affect their interaction in the workplace (Wolfson et al., 2011).
According to Lasch-Quinn (2011), a focus on diversity can help improve public relations and enhance market share while ensuring higher productivity through more effective cooperation between employees working in teams. Diversity in the workplace today has changed the way we manage the organization and ensure that no one is treated ...

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...ry 22, 2014, from
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