The Importance of Determining a Student's Learning Style

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What does learning style mean in general? Learning style is simply the different ways a person perceives and process information. Knowing your learning style helps you to understand why you look at certain things the way you do. It also helps you to figure out when and how to use your learning style effectively as well as incorporating other learning styles as well. The way people perceive information typically range from a concrete experience to an abstract experience. People who perceive concrete information are more hands on versus the people who perceive abstract information who are more of the people who take time to analyze and break down the situation. The way people process information by active experiment prefer to jump in and start doing things immediately versus reflective observers who like to make a plan and stand back to see what’s going on before they make a final decision. From the different inventories that I have taken, I have discovered that my dominant learning styles are visual and read/write. Visual and read/write learners are broken up into categories which a...
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