The Importance of Babylon

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The name Babylon means “Gate of God”. The location of the ancient city was along the Euphrates River and today is marked by a long stretch of ruins east of the river. Which is ninety kilometres south of Baghdad, Iraq. This was one of the main trading points of the ancient world because of its central location.

Some important events that happened there are things that have shaped the way we live today and we still use the 24 hour day they created this form of counting has survived for four thousand years. Another important event that happened there was the building of the tower of Babel the people built this tower to try and reach Heaven. It was most likely that the tower was used as a place of worship and to create a common religious centre, Gods only merciful alternative was to separate the people into different languages and countries to disable there plans. Because he had also promised himself never to destroy the earth with floods again because of the disobedience of mankind. So the punishment was quite mild compared to the global flood. Archaeologists have dreamed of finding the ruins of the tower but have been unsuccessful. There maybe biblical evidence as to why they have not found this tower of extreme significance. The story is much more than God simply interrupting a building project but it marks the origins of the languages and nations of the earth.

Babylon is even home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. They are in the plalace of Nebuchadnezzar II. The gardens were built on 23 metre tall and being water by a very complicated watering system, the water being provided by The Euphrates River. They were a mountain like series of planted terraces. Excavations have found the elaborate pully system watering the gardens right up to the top terrace.

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