The Importance of Act III in William Shakespeare's Othello

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The Importance of Act III in William Shakespeare's Othello William Shakespeare's tragedy 'Othello' is a dramatic story about a highly respected coloured military general, Othello, whose life and marriage is slowly broken down by an evil and sadistic manipulator, Iago. As a result of Iago's successful plotting, Othello is degraded from a caring and loving husband to Iago's level, becoming jealous, violent, paranoic and malevolent along the way. Love, hate, jealousy and devotion all come together to create this epic and unforgettable play, written by the most infamous playwright of all time; William Shakespeare. Many people say that Act III (iii) in Shakespeare's play Othello is the most important scene throughout the entire play, because the main characters' personalities are revealed in their truest form of all, along with their plans and feelings. Strangely though, none of the characters' motives are revealed in this or any other scene, thus leaving the audience of the play guessing as to what drove the characters to perform the acts they ended up doing. The audience in Shakespeare's time would have been extremely gripped by this play because they would have been thinking about it more then than people would now. They would have tried to work out why this was happening to this person, what they were doing it for, why they were doing it, and so forth. This would therefore make the audience more 'in touch' with the film throughout, making them get more 'interacted' as it went along, slowly unfolding. "Good madam, do I warrant it grieves my husband, as if the cause were his". At the start of this scene, Emilia immediately says... ... middle of paper ... ... This very cleverly shows how strongly Othello trusts Iago and that he believes in him and his word, so he makes his bond with Iago stronger by becoming a part of him. In my opinion Act III (iii) is the most important scene throughout the whole of the play. This is because I believe that you find out more about the leading characters in this scene than in any other throughout the play, Iago starts his plan to manipulate Othello which creates drama and interest, and also because it has the most memorable lines in it than any other, such as "I am your own forever" and "If she be false, Oh then Heaven mocks itself." All of these pieces come together to create an amazing story of love and heartache, and it shows us how people can be changed in hideous ways just by a small and false idea being put into their mind.
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