The Importance Of Youth Sports

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Sports can have a great impact on the life of every child that participates in any given sport. In my case it was Mixed Martial Arts or MMA that highly influenced me and thought me lessons that I will never forget. In the textbook it states “youth sports often create and accentuate ethnic segregation and social-class divisions in communities”. One way to fix this is to change the view of the parents. The Unites States does need to improve their youth sports programs. Some ways to fix this is to properly train the coaches and increase funding for youth sports team. For most people they start playing sports at an early age, but for I didn’t get into sports until high school. I started playing football and basketball, but I never really got a lesson out of them. My senior year in high school I joined a local MMA gym. The reason I joined was because I did not grow up in a good neighborhood, so I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to fight back. The first day I learned that this was not anything like basketball or football. At first it started with just learning basic strikes, then I started learning how to kick, how to do takedowns, and how to submit people. After a couple of weeks of training I realized that I went in there to learn how to fight people, being angry most of the time. The more and more I trained the more I saw that I kept…show more content…
One of those changes should be properly trained coaches. A lot of youth sports are heavily run by volunteers, and some of those volunteers have no idea on how to deal with kids. Some youth sports have no association with a school were the coaches would be teachers that are trained on how to handle kids. A proper volunteer should know how handle kids, keep them motivated, and have some knowledge about coaching. We live in the era of technology so training is a lot more accessible than it was in the past, so there is no excuse to get better

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