The Importance Of Your First TV Appearance

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Your first TV appearance will be a very exciting experience, and you�ll probably spend hours carefully preparing what you want to say. You�ll also very likely spend much time preparing what to wear. This is a vital part of the process because TV is primarily a visual medium and how you look is an important part of the package. So, to save you some time, here are the rules: � Don�t wear all black. You�ll look as though you�re disappearing into a hole. This often throws women into a panic, as we love the slimming properties of black, particularly when TV will probably make you look slightly heavier than you are in real life. Black trousers or skirt will normally be fine as a filmed interview will generally concentrate on your top half, but do go for a colour on top if you can. � Don�t wear all white. It makes TV lights bounce back and you�ll look as though you just descended from the heavens on a cloud. � Don�t wear anything with a very small pattern such as pin-stripes, tweed or polka dots. Again, it has a strange effect on TV lights known as strobing. Men should avoid pinstrip...

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