The Importance Of Young Queen Elizabeth I

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“Her name indeed, became synonymous with England and her achievement lay in bringing up a nation that was almost begotten and born under her and this in spite of her being a women.” Young Queen Elizabeth I would set out to rule a nation and become one of the greatest rulers of her time and possibly still today. After coming to the thrown of a bankrupt country and the repercussions of her half sister, Elizabeth showed her kingdom her skills and knowledge that was unwomanly for her time.
Elizabeth was born on September 7, 1533 to King Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn to be the last of the Tudor rulers. Due to the act of Parliament in 1536, the marriage of Elizabeth’s parents King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn would be found invalid. Elizabeth’s legitimacy was challenged and her insecurities about it would haunt her for the rest of her life. King Henry VIII, after being married six different times soon had many heirs. Elizabeth was third in line behind her half brother Edward and her half sister Mary. After Henry charged Anne Boleyn with incest and adultery, the mother of Elizabeth would be executed in May of 1536. Young Elizabeth would spend her childhood away from the court. Yet, being away Elizabeth had an
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Without a positive sexual reputation a women’s honor would be lost. This was the case especially important for monarchs as rumors in the court could start so easily. Elizabeth had many chances for courtship, but it seemed that Elizabeth would say she is married to her country. A speech made to parliament by Elizabeth in 1558 is her way of saying she is already taken, “I have already joyned my selfe in marriage to an husband, namely the kingdom of England. And behold (said she, which I marvaile ye have forgotten,) the pledge of this my wedlock and marriage with my kingdome, (and there-with, she stretched forth her finger and sewed the ring of

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