The Importance Of Writing And Writing Skills

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Speaking and writing are two English skills that should be mastered by the English learners. Because in the classroom activities, students learn so many chapters that focused on those two skills. For example, in speaking skill, teacher help students to pronounce the word, expressions or the dialogue. Then students practice the dialogue and in the end teachers ask students to practice another dialogue spontaneously with some topics. Whereas in the writing skill, teacherusually explains the generic structure of the text, the function and etc. Also for the task, students should write a procedural text, descriptive text and etc. In the classroom activities, actually speaking and writing skills are related each other. Because commonly after students…show more content…
This belief can be viewed as a pillar of giving traditional and technological feedback on the writing and speaking skills. According to the journal articles ofAmanda Baker and Michael Burri (University of Wollongong), H. Wang& S.S.-C. Young and Shaofeng Li University of Auckland, New Zealand, explained thatbased on their observations, semi-structured interviews and recall interviews which had done, the findings showed that the modes of speaking skills feedback in traditional waysinclude feedback feasibility, feedback on target features, explicit feedback, whole-class feedback, recasting, metalinguistic feedback, clarification request, elicitation, repetition and control.By doing these modes feedback, the teacher can help students directly in improve their speaking skill. According to the journal articles, it showed that the most influenced feedback of those is recasting. One type of cue that may have potential for enhancing learner uptake is the use of body movement or gestures during recasting. Body movement has long been promoted as an effective tool for language learning (Baker &Burri, 2016; Burri, Baker, & Acton, 2016; Acton, Baker, Burri, &Teaman, 2013; Asher, 2000). Systematically using specific gestures with particular features of pronunciation provides not only a visual and an audio stimulus to increase student awareness of a feature to be learned, but…show more content…
The study reveals the nature of Exploratory Practice (EP), and the investigation is guided by EP principles, aiming at exploring the viability of the practice in this specific teaching and learning context. The study finds five group cooperative patterns, represented by the five patterns of discursive interaction: collaborative, expert–novice, dominant–dominant, dominant–passive and passive–passive. The teacher’s observation of student’s writing task in pair activity showed that the most ideal one is collaborative expert-novice. To support this study, through discussion and interview, the practitioners reached a consensus that the teacher’s tutoring is necessary to turn the problems into possible learning opportunities where the learners act as the learning agents. The study also discussed the possible ways of the teacher’s tutoring in the activity in a specific
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