The Importance Of Writing

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Writing is a language comprehended through the understanding of symbols, alphabets, and other form styles that completes the language called writing. Writing is a style in which a writer expresses their way of writing skills. Writing is a gateway to escape real life and make a new life the way a writer wants themselves to live a life. It also makes writers feel free and become themselves. Writing is a work of art; it can be produce and mended in any way possible to create a wonderful piece of writing, such as books, papers, articles, novels, and other type of work styles. As Gustave Flaubert, a novelist, said that “The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe” (Flaubert). Writing is a primary method to communicate with each other in many ways and in many occupations as well as situations by writing a letter, any type of paper,…show more content…
Writing has no limits and is spreading in every part of people 's life through communication, media, and many different ways that people use writing to connect to the world and each other. A poet, Sherley Anne Williams, once stated her opinion about writing by saying... "I think writing is really a process of communication. . . . It 's the sense of being in contact with people who are part of a particular audience that really makes a difference to me in writing" (Williams). The quote specifically states that the communication creates writing and how people or the audience are the important part of the professional’s life and how audience can make other a great positive difference to the writer or a professional. It all comes down to the fact that how writing is created and it is an important part of people’s life and its connection to each person’s life and its effect on people’s
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