The Importance Of Workplace Diversity

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Diversity is accepting and respecting unique individuals. Each individuals have distinct characteristics that define them as a person. Recognizing differences in the workplace will create a more diverse environment. The more companies becomes more and more diverse the better they will understand different individuals, the qualities they bring and will learn from them and will be able to manage them. Employees of different backgrounds, ethnicity, religion and race creates diversity at work. Having a large number of differences in the workplace gives a company more ideas to reach a common goal. Diversity is the most important objective to have success in a company. Companies choose to analyze diversity to understand an inclusive environment to incorporate it into their daily routine. The more diverse the work environment is the better the performance. This paper will describe how Canada promotes workplace diversity. How they made policies and procedures to evolve companies within their ten provinces and…show more content…
& Quinless, J. M. 162). The Employment Equity Legislation analyzed employers to take proactive or aggressive measures to increase the numbers of women and minority employees (Allard & Harvey 283). Employment Equity discuss the importance of diversity in the workplace and taking special measures for those in need or with disabilities. Employment Equity created a diversity benchmark for companies to incorporate into their policies. If employers failed to meet the diversity target they were fined. This Act made diversity by necessity and recognition of and high regard for the idea that demographic and cultural differences in society need to be reflected in the workforce (Adu-Febiri, F. & Quinless, J. M. 162). In this framework Employment Equity is very rhetoric allowing diversity to exist in Canada

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