The Importance Of Womanhood In The Girl's Short Story 'Girl'

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In this short story, “Girl”, the mother is the anatomist. The story took place in post-colonial. This short story is about womanhood. She is telling her daughter about womanhood with this long list. It has a lot to do with cooking, and cleaning and sewing and also how to set up a table. The mother feel as if her daughter could be perfect if she could just do all of these things. However there are two characters in this short story, one is the mother or she could even be the voice of society of what their role should be in their culture, and the other one is the daughter who is extremely overwhelmed in this story. The mother is very controlling and bossy. I think the style of this story is one big long text that. It just has its own flow. Also the style of the story can…show more content…
The load they have to do chores in the house is given credit to black women working, black women had to work in fields and do labor most of the time in society. In “Girl” females had to know how to “wash white clothes”, “make bread pudding” and to “grow dasheen and okra. ‘The slut you’re bent on becoming” explains how the women are amazed with their bodies shape throughout this text there are many lines saying how the narrator speaks his mind about the organization and draws out a woman’s body suggesting that she performs with simplicity. “At the same time, there is a suggestion of some freedom to live outside of the agreed-upon boundaries. Thus, this piece of instruction indicates that the speaker’s preoccupation with sexuality suggested in “the slut you are bent on becoming” does not necessarily mean the speaker is expecting the girl to make choices about sex based on the standards the society has set up for women; instead, the emphasis seems to be more on how to destroy the evidence, so she can offer a convincing performance of chastity, while making choices about sexual activity that are really hers, and not necessarily those stipulated by her community, with no evidence that

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