The Importance Of Wellbeing At Workplace

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How are you? Well, thank you!
Wellbeing at Workplace

Extravagant wellness projects are been taken at corporates so as to ensure the wellbeing of the employees. It is a fact and an observation that on average employees spends the major part of their life cycle at work. Corporate social responsibility has by and large focused on maintaining “goodness” at workplace. The way we feel is reflected in the work we do.
Be it any nature of work, it is expected that enthusiasm is transmitted to the receiver. A gentle behavior and a least smile are expected primarily and then the performance output. Wellness ensures a sense of purpose among the employees and towards the organization. It is vital to evaluate the happiness and wellness quotient at workplace.
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The wellbeing of employees is now being ensured at workplaces. Performance evaluations and commitment of the employeescontribute to the larger chunk of responsible management at workplaces, which are both byproducts of wellbeing. Happiness and wellbeing are the key ingredients ensuring growth, productivity and positivity at a workplace. It is a fact that a happy employees performs better. More or less, it becomes essential to trace the contextual factors as to what contributes towards the happiness quotient of employees. The culture, diversity, hierarchy, leadership, pay, and appraisal the workplace are some of the factors contributing to wellbeing of the employees which have been linked and explored over the years globally. On the contrary, numerous researches have shown that interpersonal relationships play an equally important role in the affective component. Some of the key highlights of what the organizations are currently practicing to ensure at the wellbeing at workplace…show more content…
Happy employees present and feel associated with their organizational identity
3. Happy employees multiply positivity at home and workplace
4. Happy employees motivate other employees , adds up to the positive climate of the organization
5. Happy employees thrive for success and target on attaining higher targets
There is a strong need to harness wellbeing at workplace. It not only adds up to the individual competency but also is in the larger benefit of the organization. It is essential to tap the facets of employee’s wellbeing categorized as: the being and belongingness as the perception of future. This end goal of happier employees adds up to the common goal of intent and future vision of every organization. So, when people respond to the largest used greeting “How are you?, by saying I am well, Thank you”, they all should semantically mean it. Hence, it could be clearly opined that there are enough evidences on importance of goodness quotient and how one shall consider it as a prime factor of assessment at workplaces.

A wonderful quote by Dr. A.P.J. Kalam states “In a democracy, the well-being, individuality and happiness of every citizen is important for the overall prosperity, peace and happiness of the nation”. And so it stands true for every
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