The Importance Of Weather Classification

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When dealing with climate it is important to know what kind of characteristic these elements have. The two most important elements are temperature and precipitation because they have the greatest influence on people and their activities and also have an important impact on the distribution of such phenomena as vegetation and soils. Now when dealing with general world patterns that relate to climates and these factors, the Köppen classification is the method you would for more background information on your choice of study. The Köppen classification had the thought of distributing vegetation was a good way of totality of climate. There are five principle groups for this classification, humid tropical, dry, humid middle latitude (mild winters),…show more content…
“In the 20th century alone, sea levels rose 0.17 meters predictions for the next century range anywhere from 0.18 to 0.59 meters” (ELC, 2013). From the increasing to oceans temperatures, it could be nice to swim in but it is a big danger to our oceans. Studies say that around one fourth of our oceans coral reefs have died over the last few decades. One of the leading causes to this was due to coral bleaching which happens when there are severe changes in the water temperature, light, and nutrients. Severe weathering to Earth could eventually lead to stronger and more frequent storms. When it gets warmer, more evaporation takes place, which leads to an increase of precipitation. This could vary from certain locations due to its weather conditions. Some parts of the word experience flooding while others experience droughts. Health issues are a big controversy in the world due to extreme heat waves causing deaths around the world. All of these issues are signs that global warming and climate change are not slowing…show more content…
As global warming continues to impact the earth, warmer days will become more frequent days, which means that there will be more heat waves. “Storms, flooding, and droughts will generally be more severe as precipitation patterns change. Hurricanes may increase in intensity due to warmer ocean surface temperatures” (Przyborski, 2013). Over the past fifty years, these types of weather conditions have increased and global warming caused most of them. Unfortunately, heat and weather is not the only thing happening with global warming. Rising sea levels is also a major concern that has an eye out for. As this will start happening, the sea levels will start to erode coasts and cause more frequent flooding. It may almost come to the conclusion where some islands will disappear. This could start to become a major concern because ten percent of land on the world lives approximately ten meters above sea level. As all of these factors of the world continue to take part here on earth, things may start to get a little more challenging to face. Dealing with these will not only impact the world as one, but the people who live on it. Homes will be destroyed and there will be fewer opportunities for us to continue our journey here on
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