The Importance Of Volunteering In School

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As high schoolers, we are on a long journey to find ourselves and what we are meant to be in school and outside of school. Throughout my last 4 years of high school, I have learned a lot about I enjoy doing and what makes me happy. An aspect of myself that is really important to me is volunteering. I have volunteered at many different events that my community has held and from each of them, I learned more about myself and the people around me. I have volunteered at the local library and worked with kids. Every time I went to go work with the kids, I felt very happy. These kids don’t care that this older person is there doing all these activities with them. In fact, they are friends with you in an instant and it’s an incredible feeling that…show more content…
However each opportunity there is to work with kids, I learn something new. I am a tutor at Kumon and volunteering at Kumon gives me the chance to work with kids. Playing with kids is very different than teaching them math or reading especially if they are struggling. Whenever I teach these kids at Kumon, I know I am making a difference because the next time I see them they have improved and they are ready to learn their new material. This makes me really happy because these kids are allowing me to teach them and they are wanting to learn. Not only do I love working with kids, but at every event, I have volunteered at, people have been so kind. People’s happiness is what drives me to keep volunteering for people of all ages. Whenever volunteering, I forget about all other problems and just focus on the job and making a difference in the people’s life. I am a part of a program at school called Pumas Authentically Connecting. PAC is a program that welcomes freshman and helps make their transition to high school a lot smoother. Through this program, we have done many leadership activities that pushed me to get out of my comfort…show more content…
Whatever opportunity I have received or will receive, I know will be beneficial for me and will allow me to keep doing what I am doing right now. Another really important aspect of my life is my family and culture. I moved to the United States when I was three years old and I don’t remember much, but the memories are very apparent. Living in the United States didn’t stop me from wanting to learn more about my culture. Since then, I found ways to explore more about myself through my culture. Every year, my family and I celebrate all of our Nepali festivals. I thank my mom for this because she is the one that makes sure my brother and I don’t forget our roots. All of my relatives live in Nepal and I don’t get to see them often or celebrate the festivals with them. But it has made me realize that I need to stay close to my family and being with family makes me happy. I have gone to Nepal twice since I came to the US in 2004. During my travels, I learned so much about my culture and ever since culture has been a huge part of my life. During the summer of 2012, we had a massive family reunion and everyone just came together celebrating and enjoying
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