The Importance Of Violent Crime

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Violent Crime
The FBI defines violent crimes in the UCR Program as those offenses, which involve force or threat of force. Conklin (2013) categorizes violent crime as murder, forcible rape, robbery, and assault. Many times, the preceding offenses would take the form of clerical sexual abuse of children, intimate partner violence, hate crimes, terrorism, or genocide (Conklin, 2013). Violent crimes are also called “offenses against the person,” meaning that the physical body of another person was harmed (Conklin, 2013).
The History of Humans and American Societal Violence.
Historically, the world was much worse than it is today. The Old Testament of the Bible speaks of genocides while The New Testament involves painful and lengthy crucifixions.
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Most people view the police as the ones preventing crime. According to Blumstein (2000), police pretend they are society’s best defense against crime. On the contrary, police presence can reduce or even increase the crime rate considerably in precise places at precise times, all dependent on their activities at the time. Blumstein continues by stating the importance of community policing preventing violent crime with fundamental changes in management, structure, culture, community partnership, and zero-tolerance policing, which is part of Compstat. Weisburd et al., (2003) describes the Compstat model as a management process within a performance management framework that synthesizes analysis of crime and disorder data, strategic problem solving, and a clear accountability structure. In addition, Compstat facilitates accurate and timely analysis of crime and disorder data, thereby identifying crime patterns and problems. The system tailors an analysis for implementation through a rapid deployment of personnel and resources. An accountability structure is key to ensuring the proper implementation of analysis and responses for effectively reducing crime and disorder.
In summary, violent crime, the force or threat of force upon a person was once worse than it is today. Over a period of thousands of years, many transitional periods would occur on the road to less violent crime. These transitions of decline were The Process of Pacification, Civilizing Process, Humanitarian Revolution, The New Peace, and The Rights Revolutions. Today, television portrays violent crime much worse than reality, while other crimes much less in comparison to actual. Finally, police presence alone will not stop violent crime; however, a systematic approach at policing changes

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