The Importance Of Videogames

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Videogame’s bad reputation: Disdain for the medium I have seen too many news reports that propose that videogames are awful, terrible things. Videogames are a rather new medium of art and entertainment, and like their predecessors, videogames are the new scapegoat. Certain lobbyists, like the famous Jack Thompson, have argued that videogames are corrupting the youth of America. This, I will argue, is a skewed perception on the medium as a whole, and it is the issue of this paper. I implore the media at large to reconsider. I propose the following three solutions for the skewed perception of videogames as a whole: Increased media exposure for “nonviolent” videogames, better public knowledge of videogame development and the triple-A market’s involvement in videogame violence, and lastly a wider audience for videogames as a whole. Current media is looking for a story that people will want to learn about, and therefore they skew things towards controversy, because controversy…show more content…
They argue that it would ruin the state of gaming as a whole. They are part of the problem. Videogame inclusivity has been one of our major public relations issues. However, if videogames were to become as popular to people as, for instance, movies are, then they would surely be better portrayed. A survey conducted on mostly older women shows that the overwhelming majority of them feel as if there are benefits to playing videogames (Whitbourne, Krauss, Ellenberg, and Akimoto 894). If the vast majority of people are playing videogames, such as the old, the young, men, women, etc., then videogames will adapt and follow in the footsteps of cinema. Videogames, like television, cinema, and even the radio, will lose its terrible reputation when everyone finally starts to look at the possibilities. Videogames have shown capacity to promote prosocial behavior (Greitemeyer, Oswald, 121-128) and have even been used in

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