The Importance Of Value

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Value to me is something that exudes usefulness, worth, and posses a benefit or help. Furthermore, value is something that is considered important and beneficial and employs much loyalty from me on my behalf. Value consists of something that contributes to the overall satisfaction in what I believe in and perceive as important to me. Value is defined as a product or service that is perceived by a customer that meets or exceeds the customer 's wants or needs measured by a customer 's willingness to pay for it. Additionally, value commonly depends more on the customer 's perception of the worth of the product than on its intrinsic value (Business Dictionary, 2016). Many people desire brand named items but many times they look at the price…show more content…
I am no way the materialistic type but I do value things that are pretty, of quality, trendy, and sometimes costs essentially more than what I could possibly get someplace else for cheaper. However, I have to ensure that the product of my choosing and worthy of my purchase has many attributes such as the type of fit or look I want, the material is of quality and feels nice on my skin, it has to make a statement and reflect my personality, exemplify brand loyalty, the price is worthy of my purchase, the items comes highly regarded and has many pros versus cons, it must catch my eye, and I must thoroughly enjoy it. Ferrell and Hartline (2014) acknowledges that, customers tend to have attitudinal and emotional attachments to brands that create value. One essential common type of brand value is brand loyalty. Moreover, brand loyalty is something that exhibits a positive attitude toward a brand that causes a customer to have a consistent preference for that brand over other competing products or brands within a certain product…show more content…
Furthermore, that means having a culture that is geared to learning and responsiveness and employing enough of the correct physical, human, and financial resources. Therefore, it is necessary to place your customers first and give them, and other stakeholders, a reason to value your company (Springall, 2005). Another necessary element to foster in customer value is ensuring that the business properly trains its staff about the products that are offered so that they can better serve the customers. When staff are knowledgeable it helps promote and generate more business because customers feel less leery in the items they purchase. Therefore, the business staff should also have increased knowledge and information about details about delivery, warranties or other customer questions. Likewise, by seeing that the staff fully knows the many varying aspects of the business causes customers to feel more secure and satisfied in their

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