The Importance Of Vaccines

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Vaccines must additionally be re-evaluated, for the adjuvants used in them can be harmful. In almost every vaccine, a form of aluminum is used as an adjuvant. Aluminum is used because it is causes the body to react quicker to the inactive virus in the vaccine (ProCon, 2016). This helps the body to react quicker to the vaccine and build antibodies faster. However, in recent studies, Aluminum has been discovered to have health effects on humans (ProCon, 2016). Aluminum is not used by the body such as other metals like Calcium or Potassium. When aluminum is in the bloodstream, it concentrates in the brain and substitutes for other important metals such as potassium and magnesium. As it serves no purpose to and does not benefit the human body,…show more content…
They believe this for many reasons. To begin, vaccines cause unbelievable benefits to society. Through vaccines, many diseases can be eliminated and thousands, if not millions, of lives can be saved. In addition, they may believe this because the vaccine industry is a multi-million, if not billion, dollar industry and has been consistently used for the past 70 years. To recreate vaccines with components that are “safe” would ruin the industry as many people would doubt vaccines and not use them. This could cause many problems as all the benefits that vaccines provide to society would no longer be there. Despite that both these claims are true, they can be overcome. Vaccines could be recreated to contain safer components, yet still provide the benefits to society that the current vaccines do. To maintain the trust in the vaccine industry, new vaccine components could be phased into vaccines over time. Moreover, it’s likely that most people would be thankful to discover that vaccines are becoming as safe as possible for their children, rather than hateful of the change. Replacing components of vaccines could reassure people that the maximum amount of work is being done to keep their children safe and would give them good information on vaccines, rather than the controversy found on the topic

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