The Importance Of Vaccines

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Vaccinations Are Important
In 1796, Edward Jenner was the first person to create a vaccine (Riedel). Vaccines are one of the greatest inventions known to man-kind. Over time scientist have improved them so well that in today’s time over 2.5 million deaths ,including all age groups, are prevented each year(WHO,2011).Vaccination decreases the chances of the disease spreading, keeps individuals healthy and Getting vaccinated is a better way to prevent death from illness than not getting vaccinated. States that are less strict on their vaccination requirements have over 35 times more children to contract measles. Also they are 6 times more likely to contract pertussis than a vaccinated child. A study done in 2006 shows that a state with bad exemption
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Getting vaccine will decrease your chances of becoming ill. It also helps with strengthen a person’s immune system and its extremely great for those who don’t produce a lot of white blood cells. Vaccines overtime have saved millions of lives over centuries. Vaccines and the immune system work very well together. Some vaccines have a smaller and weaker version of the virus as part of the ingredients to help the body tolerate the illness itself in the future. When someone goes to the doctor to receive his or her shots the white blood cells in the human body quickly realize that this is harmful. This causes the cells in your body to send out chemical signals and the body begins to create antibiotics. You children have a higher risk of getting sick than their parents. Their immunes systems are still weak because they are constantly growing. Any parent that has an infant or toddler should talk to their doctor about when the best time for their children to get their shots. If the young child gets sick and does not have his or her shot the child could become very ill or possibly die. This decreases the chances of that child transferring all their germs to someone…show more content…
It was even a wakeup call for celebrities too. Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook, to his infant daughter to the Pediatrician for a checkup in the month of January of 2015. He made a post on social media and more than 3 million people liked this post of him taking his daughter Max to the Pediatrician for a checkup. Over 79,000 random people that follow him on social media commented on his post telling they are gladded he’s doing right by vaccinating his child, but some people thought it was cruel. Actors Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy have a son who has autism. Are worried about injuries vaccines can and say parents should have the right to decide whether they want to vaccinate their child. Everyone has the right to make this important decision, but putt immunization off is not always the best option at times (Lemon).People should not tell other parents what is best for their child. With the help of technology scientist are making the vaccines better. Since the early 2000’s scientist have had a steady increase when it comes to a making the vaccines better. Theres a pretty good chance that one day a vaccine may be 100 percent effective. Vaccination is very important and a lot of people fail to realize that in today’s society. We have to get jour shots so we can say health. Every decade there’s more and more diseases coming about. Just because someone eats helps and exercise they are not immune to catching an
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