The Importance Of Vaccination

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“Proponents say that vaccination is safe and one of the greatest health developments of the 20th century” (Vaccine ProCon 1). Society cannot blindly believe scientists, politicians, etc. based upon the fact they govern our society. So, when the government expects its citizens to allow for laws that require all vaccinations they deem worthy for “saving” us, society cannot remain subservient. The decision of vaccination versus no vaccination must be a decision made by the client or guardian of the client. The government must remain “laissez-faire” in the regulation of vaccinations, for the government infringes on the 1st amendment when they institute mandatory vaccinations. Although, vaccinations have the potential to save the lives of children,…show more content…
citizen by law. Though proponents of required vaccinations believe this method will ensure protection against dreaded diseases, the government possesses no power to infringe on society’s birthright to freely make choices for their life. In addition, scientists explain that all vaccines carry a standard amount of certain ingredients so the vaccine does not obtain a toxic level of any ingredient. Although, accidents occur and toxic levels of a certain ingredient cause severe damage to the patients, not excluding death. Furthermore, vaccinations deserves credit for eliminating disease such as Polio. But the government cannot require vaccinations for such diseases, for they are eradicated. Thus, the vaccines for these disease become unnecessary and a waste of U.S. resources. Moreover, society must question the actions taken by the government to mandate vaccinations. No idea seems too illegitimate, the feasibility that the government contains immoral motives behind requiring vaccines remains a possibility; for, the government does not share much crucial information to society. The government locks away their secrets. The government lies to society. The government remains the greatest mystery. Thus, the government cannot infringe, harm, or control society with a system meant for the human race’s
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