The Importance Of Vaccination

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The invention of the vaccination has been argued to be one of the best health inventions of all time, however others argue that it may be one of the worst. The vaccination production was put in place in an attempt to slow or eradicate some diseases entirely. Those that are against the use of vaccinations believe they may be harmful. In some situations this could be true due to circumstances such as allergic reactions taking place. Overall, children, especially when young, are in need of an immunity to at least the common diseases. Had the use of vaccines not been formed, some of the world’s most widespread and detrimental diseases at one time would still be around today.
Vaccination was first discovered when Greek historian Thucydides noticed that those previously infected with a disease did not contract that same disease again once cured. Vaccination branched off the variolation, first used with smallpox, that was first exercised by the Chinese and later spread to different parts of the world as it arrived in England around the Eighteenth Century. Variolation was the taking of tissue from scabs from the diseased people and implanting it to the healthy. This was often done by placing the scab under the skin or implanting a powdered scab into the nose. Vaccination as we know it today was discovered by Edward Jenner in 1796 as it became popular in first England then the United States around 1800. Oppositions to vaccination came almost as quickly as those supporting it by those that did not believe that it could work even after scientific proof was shown (The History of Vaccination). As time proceeds, vaccination continues to be explored and enhanced. Concluding, the use of some form of vaccination has been used since an...

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...circumstance patients and not based solely off of preference. While being able to acknowledge each side of the argument, the safest for the people as a whole is to vaccinate all those able to healthily receive the vaccinations. For those children that are unable to make their own decisions regarding their health, it is unfair to exclude them from benefits they will be sure to receive in the long run. All people have their own opinions; however if a few injections will make the nation a safe place to live for all, what harm could be done in that? Children have the right to a healthy life and with the use of vaccination there is a better assurance that the illness rate will reduce and eventually be at the minimum rate of zero. Vaccinating should be mandatory for diseases that have previously taken residency in the United States and those in surrounding areas.
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