The Importance Of Utilitarianism In Education

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Jacob, a second grade boy, is often distracted in the classroom and looks forward to the more creative subjects such as art and music. He also has a difficult time completing activities in a typical classroom setting. Because of this, he is at risk for academic failure. He, along with his teachers, need to come up with a solution that is not only fast, but also very effective and helpful in order for him to academically succeed. All teachers should take a utilitarianism approach to teaching. Utilitarianism is looking out for the greater good of the people (Burnt, 2016). This means, in a classroom setting, that the teacher will do whatever it takes to make sure that the majority of the class is succeeding academically. They are motivated to…show more content…
The teacher could add more creative activities to her curriculum to engage Jacob. Instead of memorizing what a list of vocabulary words are, students could be asked to create a story using those words. They would be assessed based on the content and whether or not they understand how to use the words would be evident when put to practice. Not only would this benefit Jacob by allowing him to be engaged and creative in his own education, he would demonstrate his understanding of the words and their meanings. This would also benefit the other students for the same reason. Another way to incorporate creativity into the classroom would be to use group work and movement in the classroom. Jacob’s instructor can include group work in order to enhance students’ learning because it allows the students to work together, talk about what they do and do not understand, what they do and do not agree on, and help each other when someone is struggling. By doing this, Jacob will have a better opportunity to connect with his peers and learn with them. This will also give every student the opportunity to stand up and move around during the day and get an outlet to talk and express themselves. Although this could lead to students taking advantage of these opportunities, by getting off task or running around the classroom, if done correctly, this could help Jacob in a myriad of ways. According to someone, students learning from other students can prove to be very beneficial. Jacob will improve his test scores if he can work with other students who are able and willing to help him learn. This also allows him to express his creative side by contributing verbally to the group work and making connections with