The Importance Of Urban Visual Culture

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Urban visual culture focuses on aspects of culture that rely on visual representations. It explores routes within Visual Culture and how it will impact the Urban environment, London is a prime example with the Grenfell tower incident and the way it was communicated though the news. Throughout this research, I plan to investigate Governing bodies and their format for developing affordable housing along with analysing the downfall within certain areas that do not achieve milestones to ensure its balanced within the market. I will also be looking at how the media influences the way people can perceive different information, and in certain areas there are different ways of communicating with people. A key example I reference is the difference between…show more content…
This method of displaying visual culture is accessible and can be displayed to a large variety of viewers…... Barnard (2001, p1-2) describes visual culture in a strong sense and “refers to the values and the identities”, this suggests that… Within visual culture this obtains qualities that are personal and unique to its viewer? In comparison it is a weak sense “the visual side”, includes a variety of both 2 and 3 dimensional work… This highlights the importance of visual culture within social lives and relationships? Within art and design….
Visual culture and communication are two things that go hand in hand. For example, when walking through a town or city directions and promotional signs are everywhere. Some examples of this is on roads and through streets. You can find them in shop windows and can even find them on yourself, like google maps on your phone. Another main example of visual culture and communication is through the news. This way you process information through images and sounds, including videos and
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Following on from this..
In places like times square, new York. The messages get lost. This is due to a misfit of context and form, for example, Because there is so many signs and billboards promoting this communication making people aware of places and advertisements, the messages can get lost and therefore. This graphic communication can also be a disadvantage towards major cities.
This type of communication is drilled into peoples heads everywhere you go within a large city or town. Urban communication can take its form as a sculpture, or painting and sometimes hidden messages are within cinema screenings. For example, Coca Cola put an image of a bottle within a film screening, so quick and small that you wouldn’t notice it. However this led to an increase of sales because it made your subconscious think you were thirsty for this particular drink.
The affordable housing scheme has been a national ‘thing’, and has affected over ‘find a number’
This scheme aims to help low and modest income earners buy or rent at a price that's affordable. You part buy and part rent the property – mostly for newly built homes but some other properties are included. There are eligibility criteria based on earnings. You can't buy a home on the open market. –
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