The Importance Of Unsafe Nursing Practices In Nursing

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Healthcare organizations are committed to providing clients with quality service and experience while promoting safety, health, and healing. Nurses have the biggest impact in providing safe client care and are known for their commitment in improving or increasing client health. However, this ethical commitment may not always be met due to breakdowns in healthcare delivery. Deviations such as adoption of unsafe practices or behaviors can lead to sentinel events. Any disconnects or disruptions can be a detriment to client care. This paper will present recent cases of witnessed breakdowns of facility protocols and adoptions of unsafe nursing practices, discuss its relevance to education, and how it has affected my personal perspective on the…show more content…
Strategies must touch upon all aspects of a complex work environment. According to Roux and Halstead (2009), some characteristics of an effective client safety culture consists of acknowledging human limitations, avoiding oversimplification of near miss or sentinel events, support from management and leadership in non-punitive problem solving approach in investigations, an interdisciplinary approach to collaboration which includes front line staff to enhance communication and reporting of concerns and errors, and training on intended changes prior to its development and implementation (p.…show more content…
As we observe various practice styles, our commitment to protect client rights is constantly challenged. While I am grateful for the learning opportunity, I strive to maintain my ethical integrity and resist the urge to accommodate unsafe practices. When faced with potentially harmful practices, I try to advocate for my clients by being mindful and respectful in how I remind my preceptors of safe nursing practices. As future nurses, we must recognize barriers to patient safety and learn to address these challenges in a safe and productive manner using appropriate channels. Understanding that workarounds or sentinel events are often caused by multifactorial breakdowns in system processes, nurses must be innovative and proactive in finding ways to improve client safety. We must keep abreast of developments in evidence based practice and advancements in technology. The following are strategies I’ve considered to address time and staffing constraints. I’m committed to learning the hospital’s electronic medical record system to maximize available functionality to efficiently and effectively complete documentation. I’ve considered participating in nurse workgroups to revisit workflows and identify possible implementation of lean processes. Nurses can collaborate and coordinate with fellow staff such as LVN’s or care partners to
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