The Importance Of Unbalanced Roles In My Family

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Everybody has a certain standard idea of how each gender should be viewed by the eyes of the world. Everybody has that one particular person or particular couple that sets those standard ideas for them. I have a particular couple that helps set my standards for femininity and masculinity. This couple happens to be my own grandparents. As expected, they are indeed old-fashioned; however, they also have a heavy touch of the new era of family relations that is lived by society today. That is the basic backbone of an impeccable standard for the concepts of masculinity and femininity. I consider to be genuinely close to my grandparents throughout my years of growing up. They have been a part of my life ever since I could remember. They were considered…show more content…
I consider my parents unbalanced due to the fact that my mother does a whole lot more than she should. Granted, my father has a well paying job, though it seems like that’s all he does compared to my mother. She, on the other hand, also has a decent paying job, but does everything around the house along with anything and everything for my younger brother and I. Frequently, I catch her doing yard work while my father is taking a nap on the living room couch. My mother never gets a break and my father doesn’t seem to mind that she does a lot of additional work. Their relationship isn’t the healthiest due to their lack of equality in the roles of masculinity and femininity. My grandparents’ way of using these gender roles is an equilibrium between the ancient era and the ultramodern era. This equilibrium doesn’t let the past slip away and become completely…show more content…
This certain condition she discusses throughout her essay is known as nostalgia. In her following essay she states the following quote, “People today understandably feel that their lives are out of balance, but they yearn for something totally new; a more equal distribution of work, family, and community time for both men and women, children and adults.” (Coontz 33). This particular quote is referring back to, of course the 1950s, or any other time before the 21st century. Back then, these gender roles of a married couple were significantly different due to the females having the role of the “housewife” and the males having the role of doing all the work that earns the money. Now, the female role involves having a paying job as plenteously as the male and isn’t all alone when it comes to cooking, cleaning around the house, or taking care of each child present. The modern generation does seem like the preferable option, however, the past should never be
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