The Importance Of Turkish Language

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Every nation in the world has it’s own way of communication. The way of communication includes not just a common language beneath one nation; it also includes the body language as well as the tone language. Language is of great significance for the living society in a country. A nation has a common culture, a common history and a common language. The language is likely having a profound effect on success of the country, especially when it comes to the literature. The literature of a country can make the language known all over the world. Therefore it is very important to save and keep the language of a nation alive. There are so many languages on the world, which are very different from each other. When it comes to comparison of languages, one could take the Turkish language and compare it with English.…show more content…
Currently there is a large spread in the world of Indo European languages and English belongs to this family. English is used as the world language. For communicating in a globalized world it is of great value to speak English. The English language is the language for trade, education, politics and more. On the other hand we should note that, Turkish is a language, which is also spread all over the world. For example Armenians, Albanians and dozens of people speak Turkish as a second language. There are schools in non-Turkish countries where Turkish is offered as a foreign language. Compared with English we can say that it is worldwide known as the national language of Turkey, but it is also spoken in other Turkish countries too. As an example we could take Azerbaijan, where Turkish is also the national

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