The Importance Of Trust

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Trust How do you know when to trust in someone? When you feel you are yourself when you’re with that person? Trusting people is very easy, but when you lose that trust is very hardtop get it back. I’m a person that will always give people good advice, or need to talk to someone I will always be that person. I was a person that was very open. I loved to express my feelings, letting people now how I felt. I believed you could talk to a lot of people, and have interesting conversations with them. They might be strangers or people that you know, but there will always be certain people that you really trust. The people that you only trust is the people that you will tell them personal things or a secret that no one knows only you. Most people…show more content…
Once I lose that trust I had towards you, is to hard for me to get that trust back. I will talk to you, and have a conversation with you, but you just wont have my trust anymore. I’m not that type of person that trusts a lot of people I am more conserved to myself. I am a friendly person. I love having friends and making new friends, but I can say I only trust few of them. I only trust two people in my life and they are my mom and my best friends from 10 years. Once everything changes it cant go back the way it was before. This person came to my life and made me feel different. I don’t know how to explain it. He made me feel like that part of me that was missing came back. He made my feel that every thing was possible. That I could do anything I wanted with my life, and I cloud trust anyone again. I trusted him like I never trusted anyone else. He made me see things in a different way. He became an important person in my life. When I ever need something he was always there for me. It just felt like I was a different person when I meet him. I felt I was a new person, I just was so happy. Everything was good for months. He told me that he would never hurt me. He made me see things in different ways, in ways I never had seen things before. He not only showed me with words but also with actions that I could be myself
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