The Importance Of True Love In Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Hurston’s Their Eyes were Watching God follows a black woman trying to find true love while hindered by a variety of factors: nature, class differences and men, who oppress her the most. In fact, the main character, Janie, had two husbands which mistreated her. As an exception, Tea Cake, her third husband, helps Janie to accomplish inner peace and allows her to flourish into her own character. However, Janie would not have found Tea Cake had she not realized her life’s intent under her Grandmother’s pear tree and chased that dream. It is when Janie realizes her dream under the pear tree where Hurston establishes that self-revelation is reached only by chasing dreams.
While Janie lies under the pear tree, she realizes her lifelong dream of true love. Finally figuring out the meaning of “marriage,” the pear tree gives Janie a “revelation” about what she wanted out of her life : true love equally felt between two participants (Hurston, 11). In this case, love reciprocated by two people shows in their respect for each
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As an example, falling in love with Tea Cake despite the town’s displeasure of the couple, Janie willingly gives up her inherited status and takes risks with Tea Cake. Moreover, Tea Cake not only respects Janie, but he risks his life for her multiple times. Getting stabbed twice, Tea Cake first risks his life to pay back the money he took from Janie (120). The second time, Janie’s life is at risk during a hurricane, and he eventually develops rabies from saving her life (157). When performed in a healthy relationship, such as theirs, risking one’s life is an element that emphasizes the couple’s romantic bond; therefore, Tea Cake risking his life for Janie emphasizes his love for Janie and their compatibility together. These risks taken for true love illustrate the high probability of Tea Cake being Janie’s envisioned
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