The Importance Of Travel To Africa

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For as long as I can remember my great grandpa has told me his amazing adventures from when he traveled to Africa. As an African Wildlife Specialist so he and my great grandma lived there for five years. His stories were always so thrilling and interesting. The stories where so vivid in my mind, like I could reach out and feel the smooth grass and hear the birds chirping. After every story he told, he always made me promise that I would pass his adventures down to my children and for me to never forget them. I have always kept my promise and never failed to remember them and someday I want to travel to Africa to create adventures of my own. If I traveled to Africa I would get to see all of the wonderful exotic animals, sample many African…show more content…
When I was young my favorite animal was the elephant. I once watched a documentary on African and it said that some people ride on elephants to get around easier. Ever since then, I have dreamed of riding an elephant. I also want to observe animals in their natural habitat, rather than locked up in cages in a zoo. According to National Geographic, the best way to do this is by helicopter. In Africa, you can take a tour to see animals hunting. They watch the animals and figure out what time of day they hunt and that is when they have the tours. To me, this would be so cool because you can see how fast the animals are going, and how long it takes the hunter to catch its prey. Most importantly, I want to get up close to all of these amazing animals. One way I can do this, is by playing with tame baby animals. Wildlife Specialists tame animals when they are young so they can get close to them if they are hurt or sick. In fact, I could even help the specialists tame them. Another way I can get up close to animals is by helping the Wildlife specialists examine and treat hurt and sick animals. It is my dream to become a veterinarian, so helping animals in Africa can help me learn how to help modern animals. If I traveled to Africa, I would get to see many wonderful animals and learn new things about
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