The Importance Of Transhumanism By Fuukuyama

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In Fukuyama’s essay over Transhumanism, he describes this idea as the “most dangerous idea.” Transhumanism is the growth of humans through science and technology in every possible aspect of life. While this idea sounds beneficial, Fukuyama argues, “Our good characteristics are intimately connected to our bad ones.” The author emphasizes the how important our bad characteristics and complex minds to suggest these make humans complete. Without our faults, we would lose basic feelings of love, pain, exclusiveness, and even loyalty. The authors appeal to the readers looks as if, without the “bad” nothing would oppose, and compare to the “good.” In emphasizing the contrasts of human nature, the author creates a clear understanding of how these contrasts work with each other. For example, pain hurts but it is not bad to feel pain because it lets us know something is wrong with us. Fukuyama’s line of reasoning explains the importance of mortality in a way of putting life and humans into perspective on a much smaller scale.…show more content…
With full diction such as “violent and aggressive “and “feelings of exclusivity” he appeals to our deepest emotions for the sake of conveying the importance of humanism and the things we are able to feel. However, with feelings as options instead of something everyone has whether liked or not, society would overlook the importance of experiencing these emotions because of the invincibility we would have above the sense of heartbreak or grief. Although we would all love to skip the arduous times, enduring them is not only what makes us human, but also what makes us grow. We may not realize that feeling makes up society today, which is why the author reaches out at these emotions to show how Transhumanist views may make us feel better as individuals but as a whole, the social aspects of the world will

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