The Importance Of Transformational Leadership

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Currently, the fact that there is a high employee turnover is problematic. High employee turnover suggests the organization is not effectively managing its teammates (Brody and Nair, 2014). A different leadership technique could possibly be used at the organization to address high employee turnover. As mentioned above, the current leadership style has proven successful for the company as a whole, but it is not working effectively at my particular clinic. The reality is that the clinic is having a hard time managing employees. As the current leadership style, has been participative leadership, a potential strategy could be to shift to transformational leadership. Several studies have reported on the effectiveness of a transformation leadership style. At my clinic, the top leader is the facility administrator, who is a woman. Transformational leadership theory is based on the notion that teammates will go above and beyond what is normally expected of…show more content…
If the recruitment of people is focused on their passions and strengths, an empowered team can be created (Hasenfeld, 2010). An increased culture of inclusion can be achieved by hiring employees that come from diverse backgrounds. If teammates come from diverse backgrounds there would not be any sense of bias and favoritism. This could help decrease the high employee turnover, because it decreases intergroup conflict (Hansefeld, 2010). Due to the lack of diversity, teammates who are expected to follow and meet the core values, and who do not agree with all the decisions could fear speaking up. Teammates could also feel that if they do share their ideas and concerns, they will not be listened to. When teammates cannot believe their input matter, it creates hostility (Yulk, 2012). Diversity can increase positive relationships and allow teammates to voice their concerns (Allen, Dawson, Wheatley, and White,

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