The Importance Of Transformation In My Introduction To Gothic Literature

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Transformation occurs in everyone’s life, whether we accept it or not. When I had to go through an enormous transformation at an early age. I unexpectedly had to move from Miami, Florida to Santa Clarita, California. I was already enrolled in school and expected to be in my seat tomorrow at eight o'clock in the morning. At the time I suffered from extreme anxiety and I relied on others to help me through my day. Even the smallest task like handing in a paper to a teacher was difficult for me. The thought of having to be on my own, not knowing any of my friends or teachers to help me get through the long day, and starting at a brand new school in a brand new state was simply terrifying. I was escorted by the principle into my class. I was seated next the most extroverted girl in the…show more content…
In the explanatory essay “My Introduction to Gothic Literature,” the narrator is going through her parents getting divorced. “The stories helped me understand that life is not as easy and people are complex — simultaneously strong and weak, wonderful and terrible” (par. 5). As the narrator is reading through Edgar Allen Poe’s stories, the narrator is realizing that the transformation in some ways normal because no one is built perfect. The narrator learns from someone else’s transformation. Transformation makes a story more intriguing to the reader and leaves the reader anxious to turn the next page. In the poem “beware: do not read this poem,” the transformation pull the author physically and mentally into the poem. “ this poem has yr eyes/ this poem has his head/ this poem has his arms/ this poem has his fingers/ this poem has his fingertips” (Reed 103). The allure of this poem ties the reader into the story as the poem goes on and consumes the villagers into the mirror. The not knowing what is going to happen next, factor excites the reader and leaves the reader wanting
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