The Importance Of Trademark

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3)Passing off and trademark can / cannot protect a business reputation. It is an important / unimportant feature or has / has no important bearing in businesses’ marketing efforts.(By Aloysius) Trademark Trademark is a sign, or a mark, that is used to give your own company or business your own identity. Hence, trademark is able to allow others to clearly distinguish your company from others which may have similar goods or shares. Trademark is also able to restrict others to use your company’s brand or mark. A trademark can be represented in the form of many different elements such as names, words, labels and signature et cetera. Trademarks may be unable to be registered due to the content of the mark such as it being offensive or immoral, or if it contains descriptive words, or if it is generally similar to well-known marks. In Singapore, registration of trademark is not compulsory. An unregistered trademark usually is represented with a ® while a registered trademark is usually represented with a ™ . If your trademark is registered, your company would be able to receive statutory monopoly for your mark, your company would be able to receive protection from the Government to avoid infringement or violation of your company. Furthermore, a registered trademark adds value to your business as you are able to protect your business, sell your shares to third parties and even increase the value of an ownership interest in your business to develop your business. Once you have registered your trademark, your trademark would be valid for 10 years and have to be renewed to receive an indefinite protection of your mark. In the event of your mark being infringed or violated, you are able to seek damages or profits from the company who impose... ... middle of paper ... ...rty rights so that one would not have to take actions against infringers which is time consuming and expensive as well. 8)Conclusion(By Esmond) Basically in conclusion, the purpose of intellectual property law motivate new technologies, artistic expressions and inventions while promoting economic growth. Firstly, when one tries to steal and misuse your work, their moral issue is at concern. Secondly, it is immorally wrong that one just copy and use your work for their own benefits. Thirdly, it is to protect business growth. Lastly, it important that you take action to protect the intellectual property which you have as it will be a waste of effort if your ideas get into the wrong hands. The result of this could be that it could led to you losing your whole assets entirely. Therefore, it is important to have your intellectual property material to be kept secured.

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