The Importance Of Time Management

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Ques1-A reflective account based on comparing and contrasting your own experiences, skills and behaviors with those required by graduate employers. A reflective account based on comparing and contrasting your own experiences, skills and behavior with those required by graduate employers. In order for an individual to attain success in all aspects of life, one needs to work on his negatives and constantly work to improve its positive traits as well. If an individual is attaining a high position in the job market, it is very essential that he/she possesses both employability as well as educational qualification. Employability skills are a set of personality traits that a graduate employer seeks in a candidate. Time management skills, innovative skills, creativity are traits to name a few. Every human is born with a set of traits, which can be their strengths or weaknesses. It depends on individual to how they shape them in the rite manner. Formal education, personal experience and mentoring are some ways through which anyone can nurture and develop the skill they posses. For instance, my internship period for two months taught me a lot. Until and unless I was put to work in a corporate environment I never came to realize my true strengths and weaknesses. My internship period in a well reputed company, day by day, made realize how much I needed to grow and nurture. I realized the importance of time management, outcome of creative solutions to complex situations. During my tenure over there I realized that my interest for career was inclined towards the business environment. After self analyzing my performance at my internship I made my mind to become a successful businessman. In order to become a successful entrepreneur I star... ... middle of paper ... ...ake finance as my career. I found it very interesting and this gave me the strength and ambitions of taking up this field and to complete my Post-graduation in Finance from abroad. However, auditing work requires lot of concentration in return helps in enhancing the individual’s abilities, both as qualitative and quantitative. It was at this point when I could clearly focus and aim my future goals and plan my career objective with all the plans ready. There are different stages of success involved in it one being majorly that of completing my graduation with good marks and then taking admission in good Post-graduation College abroad. All these goals are set in a manner that they are achievable. Accomplishment of these goals will be like a dream come true for me. However, the grades I receive in my exams will be a mirror image to my later result coming up the way.
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