The Importance Of Theodicy

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Since the beginning of time, it has been human nature to be curious creatures and try and explain all experiences in life. Questions such as where we came from, how we got here and more importantly why we are here. Religion has always been a way to explain our existence on this planet. More recently, our Lord who came and saved us from our sins is a perfect example of how we explain our way of lives. God is the overseer of us all and He loves us and wants what is best for all His “children.” Curious creatures as we, humanity, are we tend to ask questions of why bad things happen to good people if He oversees and cares for us all.
Theodicy comes from the Greek word Theos meaning God and dikē meaning justice. Theodicy by translation
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God once promised us that His direct interference in our matters would no longer happen and that He would let us be responsible of our own lives (Ge 9:11 New International Version). In essence, we are all responsible for the evils present in this earth. Every malevolent action, every deprived action we commit is a direct responsibility of our own decisions. For example, if I choose to steal something from any store, why would God stop me if it was a decision that I made and free will was given to me. It is not saying that He could not stop me if He wanted to, He chooses not to because he promised that he would not interfere directly again. It could be by his hand that I trip on my shoelace and drop what I stole and therefore get caught but he did not directly untie my shoe and made it so. Explaining in a way we can all understand, if your boss tells you what to do how to do it and is on his high horse and expects his team to follow the probability of that happening is slim to none. On the other hand, if your boss encourages you to grow and gives you the guidelines for you to operate in you are more likely to flourish and be successful at any task you are given and therefore excelling at your job in its entirety. I believe this is how God wants us to flourish in our faiths and our lives to reach Him and what He demands of

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