The Importance Of The Writing Process

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The writing process is not manufactured by man, it’s inherent in the way we write. The writing process does not consist of rigid steps one must check off like a grocery list in order to have an effective paper; rather it is recursive process, with all steps intertwined, and connected, unable to be united or divided. It’s commonly agreed to have 4 steps: prewriting, drafting, revision, and editing. However, throughout our research as a group, we firmly assert that collaboration and reviewing are of vital importance. How can a writer optimize use of the writing process? What makes each part of the process effective, and how can we evaluate this? How can you and I, as writers, and rhetors use the writing process to our advantage? Buckle…show more content…
Rather, revision is the process of strengthening your argument by way of following through with your thesis, ensuring ideas are expanded upon, and making certain your focus as presented in the prewriting phase. Harvard University’s writing center suggests “rethinking your thesis”. Harvard argues that the best thesis is not conjured in the prewriting phase, then in no need of further thought. Instead, Harvard argues the thesis is a product of evolution, built upon throughout the writing process. Furthermore, Harvard brought an important detail to our attention when they wrote “Revision entails making structural changes”. This is how revision differs from editing, structural changes. Additionally, while drafting is the process of discovering an idea, revision is the act of perfecting the way an idea should be presented. Similar to a fine dish, once it is cooked, the presentation must be on point. Your argument will not become flawless if you only tinker with individual sentences, it's vital that in this phase you take a step back and see the big picture. Does your paper have a clear thesis? Is it focused like a magnifying glass on an ant? You want not only your main point, but your supporting arguments to burn into your audience like those poor little metaphorical ants., a popular source for writing advice and content solution stresses vehemently that you delete unneeded information. Sentence syntax and structure need to be examined, then simplified like a fraction. Focus on the point your paragraph or sentence makes, and get to the end result in the most efficient way possible. Remember this acronym: KISS—Keep It Simple

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