The Importance Of The Urban Environment

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The urban environment is vital to all of use as most of us live in urban centers with recognition of the role played by cities. In this regard urban environments hold a direct influence on the lives of several million people and in turn this has had a substantial impact on the broader environment. The call has been to cities becoming sustainable with a requirement of the offer of a form of quality of life and opportunities that make people desire to live them, (Smil, "harvesting the biosphere," 36-613). This is contradicting with the urban equation as urban areas being the driving force of economic development as well as delivery vehicles of several public services for instance health education are also held in association with degradation of the environment and congestion. The biosphere is shown to comprise of living organisms on earth emanating from the provision of life as observed in tropical forests and the world's photosynthetic phytoplankton within the oceans. Several animals and plants are employed actively in the physiology, morphology as well as behavior mechanisms in th...
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