The Importance Of The Universal Conflict In Medea

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Have you ever wondered how your past experiences contribute to your path in life? Whether you consciously realize it or not the but the experiences we have everyday are what mold our morals. Our morals on the other hand are what we use to make decisions. The morals of a hero is what constructs the universal conflict. Establishing key details from the hero's journey will ultimately push the hero through their trials and eventually leading to resolution. Key details is what molds the hero's morals and values, more importantly it's the hero's morals that will determine the end resolution. In the tragic play Medea we can see many examples of morals and innocence contribute to the tragic hero's journey, in this case this leading to a twisted resolution.…show more content…
In the play Oedipus we can see how Oedipus innocence leads him to his tragic destiny. The main universal conflict is man vs himself. Tiresias, or the wise old man plays a curtail part . Tiresias is ancient, but knows all...he appears in the story to advise Oedipus. As Tiresias said in a menacing tone, “How terrible it is to good comes of knowing,”(Sophocles 14). If Oedipus just would just have put his curiosity to the side maybe things would have not taken such a harsh turn. Oedipus is the tragic hero who is blinded by his own innocence. In addition, his anger and stubbornness which is part of morals/personality is a key detail. This leads to him killing his father unknowingly at a young age fulfilling the prophecy and contributing to the resolution. Another archetype that is relevant is that of Laios and Jocasta which is bad parenting. They get rid of Oedipus as a child and by doing this they play out the prophecy. This shows their clearly shows how ignorant they are. Instead of taking on the “problem” they simply throw it away and let it grow up into a even bigger problem. This is prime example of a key detail contributing to the tragic hero’s journey. If it was not for abandoning Oedipus he would have not have been presented the same situations, thus leading to the end resolution. Since the key details were presented in this way they molded their morals thus giving us the tragic…show more content…
In the case of Hercules his determination guided him to his success. After being publicly shamed for killing his family he set off for a journey to redeem himself. Heracles set off to comple 12 impossible tasks, if it were not for his determination and mindset of to redeem to self to the gods he would not have made past the first labor. A example of Heracles morals can be see during the eleventh labor "Whatever," says Heracles "I can do anything," (Shmoop 11). This shows us how resilient he is. Even when this wimpy king tells him that he did not do good enough he has is ingrained in his head that he is going to be successful no matter what. Again, in the twelfth labor we see how Hercules morals push him through his trials and are ultimately what make him so successful. Cerberus bites, scratches, and puts up quite a fight, but Heracles refuses to let go. This is important because Heracles mentality through all of his trials is that he can not fail and will not fail. His moral principles are what push him to his heroic
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