The Importance Of The Standardization Of English As An International Language?

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As English continues to grow as an international language, cultural concerns surrounding the standardization of the language also grow. Language is an independent vein of communication that varies from country to country. Argentina and Cuba both name Spanish as a national language, but speech patterns and connotations of words will vary between those countries, and even within the regions of those countries. Certain aspects of an environment such as family life, socioeconomic status, gender, education level, geography, and the influence of pop culture and the media will contribute to these colloquialisms. In an effort to bridge the gaps caused by variations in speech, some linguists have suggested instituting English as a lingua franca, which…show more content…
and maintains the inequality that exists between languages (Dombi, 2011). With the United States spearheading modernization and globalization, the possibility of linguistic imperialism becomes more clear and more likely for the prominent powers on the world stage. Seeing that the most powerful nations have some integration of English for the sake of international communication, aboriginal languages may consequently die unless something is done to control the spread of the English…show more content…
World Englishes include English spoken from the outer circle of the language speakers, such as Japanese English. It is necessary to form standards off of all varieties of english because the goal, once again is clear communication, not command of the language. Not all countries are exposed to the same caliber of english speaking, hence [what’s his faces] circles. [explain inner middle and outer circle english speakers]. For example, in Japan there are mostly outer circle english speakers because there is not a high concentration of inner circle and middle circle speakers. This means that their command of english is further from native command because they are not in close proximity to inner and middle circle

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