The Importance Of The Social Work Career

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In class, I was giving the assignment to reflect my thoughts about the social work profession and what I like to pursed in the future. I knew since I was young that I wanted a career where I could help people who were in need or do not have a voice to speak up. I wanted a career that helped change peoples’ lives and made me feel like I was making a differences in someone’s life. A career that I got to wake up every day that made me feel like I was changing the world. However, I did not know what major to consider. So, my senior year in high school, I had the opportunity to get into a program called Medical Topics. Through this program, I had the opportunity to shadow nurses, doctors, and other people in the hospital. I got to understand and …show more content…

I told my parents, and they told me to continue nursing, since I did not have a backup plan. So, I was deciding if I should listen to my parents or God. Sadly, I listened to my parents. So, at the end of the second semester, all nursing majors have to take an exam. If you pass this exam, then you are able to continue the nursing program. However, if you do not pass, then you will not be able to get into the nursing program. Even though, I knew I did not want to purse nursing, I still took the exam. A few days later, I found of that I did not pass the exam. At first, I was heartbroken and sad. Then, I realize why I was crying and so upset. My personality, I am perfectionist and I hate failing or giving up. I realize that I just wanted to get into the program because I did not want to look like a failure. Then, I found out that if you have two attempts to pass the nursing exam. So, I decided to take the exam again and then I found out that I passed. However, God had bigger plans. My friend for school was talking about social work, and how it was very similar to nursing. She said that social work was like nursing but without the medical part. She went into details explaining about social work program. I really like what she was saying and decide to research the social work program more. This past summer, I felt in my heart that nursing was not God choice for my life. At the being of the year, I knew …show more content…

I was really excited to go the first day because I live kids and feel like I understand them. The first day, the kids were so excited to meet me and the other mentors. I got to interact with them and understand their perceptive in life as kids. I have only gone twice to the middle school, but I feel like I make a differences in those children’s’ live because my and the other mentors may be their only person who will listen. I feel like I can understand them, because I know how I was felt as a kid. I remember as a kid, I always felt like I had no rights and no one listen to me I was just a kid. I remembered as a kid, always wanting to a grown up so I could do something important. After, those two days at that middle school, I believe God is directing me to work with children. I have looked into adoptions and the foster care system. I am not hundred percent sure what I want to do, but I know that I want to work with children and be a voice for them. In the foster care system, social workers have the opportunity to provide care to children who are sexual abuse or neglect. I believe God wants me to be in a career where I can make kids feel safe and that they matter in life. Also, if I decided to work at an adoption agents, I will have the opportunity to give children a safe home with a loving family. So, if I purse a career as a child welfare social worker, I know that I will be

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